Welcome to our dental clinic El Cedro


At El Cedro Dental Clinic we have spent 18 years ensuring the oral health of our patients, we have become a reference center both locally, nationally and internationally, thanks to our commitment and professionalism

We are experts in Implantology and Dental Aesthetic Treatments, offering the best quality of treatments in Europe. Meeting point between the most cutting-edge dental technology and superior quality painless treatments.

We offer you efficient, functional and durable treatment plans.
The clinic was created in 2000 by Doctor Olivier Bournay, a dental surgeon. Located in the heart of Adeje, you will find all the dental treatments gathered, and you will be received by our medical team in a modern and familiar environment.

"At El Cedro Dental Clinic the most important thing is you and your health."

Our mission is to allow as many people as possible to access dental treatments. We receive in our center patients from all over Europe, who satisfy their search for Professional Experience, top quality treatments in better adapted phases, at more affordable prices.
Recognized as one of the best dental clinics in Spain. Awarded ISO 9001 Certification since 2013, proof and guarantee of seriousness, rigor and safety for our patients.

In our dental clinic, a large team of dental surgeons will take care of you Graduates from the best European and American universities, highly qualified and with extensive experience, who work to take care of your oral health.


In our dental clinic you will find all dental treatments in a modern and familiar environment, equipped with the latest technologies.