Quality Policy

DENTAL ADR, dental leading clinic in the field of dental implants, has a System of Management of the Quality, described in the documentation developed for his correct management, in which there have been contemplated the risks and opportunities inherent in our activity, in conformity with the requirements of International Normas UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015, as well as other legal and regulation requirements.

The Direction demonstrates expressly his fundamental commitment to promote the Quality in order to achieve the fulfillment of the present politicy, being the principal aim the satisfaction of the patient and of other interested parts.

The Quality system is orientated towards the constant improvement in the context of influence of the organization.

The direction will stimulate the improvements necessary for the obtention of the goals .

For all this, we implants a system of management of the quality supported by our following principles:

  • Strict fulfillment in each of the requirements of the client and the interested parts
  • Responsibility in every activity
  • High productivity with quality
  • Environment of work adapted with positive influence in the motivation of the staff
  • Professional Development of the members of the company
  • Commitment of all with the constant improvement

In addition, DENTAL ADR bases these principles which charaterize their values as the highly competitive service, rapidity in the attention, personalized treatment, professional service and a strict attachment to the procedure and the legislation.

This is how DENTAL ADR sees the odontolgy in general and the implantology in particular that why we are commited to maintain a full satisfaction of all the parts.

ADR’s Direction assures that his Policy of Quality is understood and accepted by the whole personnel and is at the disposal of all the employees, as well as of the public in general.